Business Solutions

Using freely abundant rainwater as our tool, we can store this water and using new technologies from Germany we can re-use this free resource for flushing toilets and other non-drinking applications inside our buildings.

Research has shown that this can account for up to 50% of a company’s total water bill. As we are aware water is fast becoming the next pressure point of supply and demand.

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Domestic Solutions

On average a household will use about 380Lt of water per person per day. (Water Sense) This gives the average household a consumption of about 1 520Lt per day. Luckily this is easy to check.

Take your consumption figure from your rates bill and divide it by the number of days in the month. Very little of this water is used is to drink, and yet all of it has been cleaned and purified to this level.

By using readily available technology we can cut our potable water usage in the average home by more than 50% without compromising our lifestyles or our gardens!

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Social Solutions

Water scarcity or lack of safe drinking water is one of the world’s leading problems affecting more than 1.1 billion people (Wikipedia). AT&D Green by Design invests in water harvesting for poorer communities.

Working with WESSA the company delivers 5 000Lt JoJo tanks to schools throughout Gauteng. AT&D Green by design also invests in training of unemployed labour on how to install rainwater and grey water harvesting systems using low-tech solutions.


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